Florida governor wants free CDLs for veterans

Updated Feb 2, 2017
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (right)Florida Gov. Rick Scott (right)

Florida’s governor wants to make it cheaper for veterans to get their CDLs and reduce fees for commercial driving schools.

Gov. Rick Scott’s proposal to cut $8 million in fees includes numerous reductions of motor vehicle charges. Part of that is a proposal to eliminate the fees veterans pay when they receive a CDLs.

Scott also wants to cut by 50 percent all fees paid by commercial driving schools.

The governor’s proposal, which is part of his overall budget, will have to be approved by the state legislature.

Scott’s budget cuts taxes by $618 million.

“When we cut fees and taxes, it helps businesses create jobs, and reduces costs for families across our state,” said Scott in a statement Monday, Jan 30. “This session I look forward to working with the Legislature to cut more than $8 million in unnecessary fees. We have to continue to do all we can to return more money back to families and job creators.”