Prime expansion includes numerous driver amenities

A digital rendering of Prime’s new Salt Lake City amenities building. (Image Courtesy of Prime Inc.)A digital rendering of Prime’s new Salt Lake City amenities building. (Image Courtesy of Prime Inc.)

Prime Inc. is expanding its Salt Lake City terminal to include a 70,000-square-foot amenities building packed with services for drivers and office employees.

The new amenities building is under construction with completion anticipated in late Spring 2020. It will feature a full doctor’s office, which will have the capacity to test for and monitor sleep apnea, among other services. A gym with a full basketball court, yoga room, exercise room, and personal trainer and dietician will cater to employees’ health and fitness needs. Also on-site will be a cafeteria, laundry, and a drivers lounge with pool tables and other conveniences.

A daycare, complete with a learning center and a playground, will be available to in-house associates.

“People can come over and see their kids and have lunch with their kids during the day. That’s just really unheard of,” said Brian Singleton, Prime’s Salt Lake City terminal manager. “Where else can you go to work and take your kids and have lunch with them every day if you wanted to?”

Twenty bunk rooms with individual showers will be available to drivers. A full spa will provide employees with access to hair cuts, massages, and steam rooms.

“We have every amenity. You can even get your mail here; we’ll have a mailroom. A driver literally doesn’t have to leave. He can do everything here,” Singleton said. “Especially our drivers that live out west or live in Utah or Idaho or Washington or California; it’s huge for them. They don’t have to go home.”

The amenities building joins a 105,000-square-foot shop. A truck wash facility with a detail shop and a dog wash are expected to be completed within the next month. The new amenities building will also house a CDL training program.

“We have found that if you take care of your drivers and put drivers first, everything else will fall into place,” said Singleton, emphasizing the value Prime places on driver feedback through its Driver Advisory Board. The dog wash, for example, was a driver suggestion that Prime implemented at its Springfield headquarters and is now replicating in the Salt Lake City expansion. “We adapt to our drivers and their recommendations, and that’s why we’re kind of a driver-run company.”

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Prime’s Salt Lake City terminal is a big hub for the company, sometimes seeing upwards of 800 drivers within a week. The expanded facility will bring in another 50-55 in-house associates and will be a part of the fleet’s recruiting efforts.

“Drivers are the number one goal here,” Singleton said. “At the end of the day drivers are what gets us through. That’s what pays the bills. Without them, we’re nothing so we’re definitely going to be recruiting drivers number one off of this amenities building.”