Gemini Motor Transport tanker drivers receive $4.5 million in bonuses


Love’s Travel Stops recently awarded 138 Gemini Motor Transport drivers nearly $4.5 million in bonuses for their commitment to safety. Gemini is a member of the Love’s family of companies and operates a fleet of nearly 850 trucks and has 1,300 drivers who transport fuel and other products to Love’s stores nationwide. 

Safety credits are awarded to drivers on an annual basis. To earn one credit, drivers must remain accident- and ticket-free and have no fuel-related incidents over the course of one year, according to Love's. Drivers must also pass all U.S. Department of Transportation and Gemini inspections and adhere to the company's safety policies. Once drivers collect five safety credits, they’re eligible to receive the bonus.

Bonuses are given on a five and 10-year basis. This year, 85 recipients received a five-year bonus, and 53 recipients received a 10-year bonus. This is the first year since the program’s inception in 2011 that drivers were eligible to receive a 10-year bonus. This year, recipients were recognized virtually due to COVID-19. 

“Safety is a never-ending mission at Love’s and Gemini, and that’s why we’ve made an investment in the Safe Driver Credits program, which is unmatched in the industry,” said Brent Bergevin, vice president of transportation for Love’s. “The safety of our drivers is our top priority, and they are critical to our success so it’s satisfying to see them rewarded for their hard work.”

Gemini drivers have been paid about $14.5 million in safety bonuses through the safety credit program. 

Gemini is headquartered in Oklahoma City, and employs drivers across the United States. Gemini drivers combine for more than 100 million miles annually across the U.S.