Bert's Travel Plaza named best independent truck stop by drivers' app

Updated Mar 14, 2022

What do an independent truck stop in eastern Kansas and a store in the middle of Pennsylvania that is part of one of the largest travel center companies in the U.S. have in common?

Truckers like them both. A lot.

Each topped lists of the best truck stops in the U.S. as chosen by users of the Trucker Path app. More than one million app users weigh in on this annual evaluation.

This year's complete lists include:

Independent Truck Stops

1st Place — Bert’s Travel Plaza, Wellsville, Kansas

2nd Place — Big Apple Travel Center, Joplin, Missouri

3rd Place – Boise Stage Stop, Boise, Idaho

4th Place — Russell’s Endee Truck and Travel Center, Glenrio, New Mexico

5th Place — Truck World Truck Stop, Hubbard. Ohio

Chain Truck Stops

1st Place – Pilot Travel Center #1, Mill Hall Pennsylvania

2nd Place – Love’s Travel Stop #812, Bliss, Idaho

3rd Place – Rocky Mountain Truck Centers of Little America, Green River, Wyoming

4th Place – TA Oakley #91, Oakley, Kansas

5th Place – Love’s Travel Stop #814, Hamilton, Alabama

“Truck stop ratings by drivers reflect the locations that offer the best parking, food and a range of other amenities,” said Chris Oliver, CMO at Trucker Path. “Recognition by drivers means these facilities are the right place to stop based on their features and customer service. This year’s winners are what drivers tell us are the best chain and independent truck stops from among the more than 6,000 locations in the Trucker Path app.."