Trucker aids fellow drivers whose tractor-trailers had been blown over

Updated Sep 19, 2023
Kevin Maher

An ABF Freight driver with a background in medicine was recently honored for helping fellow truckers during a serious storm earlier this summer.

The Truckload Carriers Association recently named truck driver Kevin Maher, of Surprise, Arizona, a Highway Angel for stopping to help three separate truckers when their tractor-trailers blew over in a terrible rain and hail storm, trapping the drivers. Maher drives for ABF Freight out of Fort Smith, Arizona.

TCA explains:

Kevin MaherKevin MaherOn July 27, around 4:20 p.m. in New Hope, Arizona, Maher was stuck in a storm on Interstate 10. The traffic had come to a complete stop due to how bad the weather was, and Maher said that he could feel his tractor-trailer start to move and knew it was about to flip, so he maneuvered in a way to help stop this from happening.

“The winds and hail were enough to blow all the trucks over,” he said. “As soon as the winds subsided enough, I jumped out to check the tractor-trailer in front of me.”

Maher was able to kick out the truck’s windshield and get the trapped driver out. He then drove a bit further down the road to another tractor-trailer on its side.

“I jumped out and (the other truck driver) was pushing on his windshield trying to get out,” Maher said.

He was able to help the driver and his passenger exit the overturned truck. The woman passenger was injured and bleeding and Maher assessed her injuries. He had worked 17 years in the medical field and was able to determine the severity of the cut. Her wounds were superficial

Maher then drove another 1,000 yards or so down the road and saw the next overturned truck. He jumped out, got the truck’s windshield off. He told the passengers to stay in their truck until emergency vehicles arrived since it was still hailing outside. Maher didn’t hesitate to stop to help — he was highly trained with a rich background in the medical field.