Counting calories, carbs in Halloween candy

halloween candy

Let’s be right up front about this: aside from the scary and/or silly costumes, Halloween is all about the treats, and Truckers News is not going to be the killjoy that says, “Just walk away from the candy corn!”

What we will say, however, is this: “Be smart. Know what you are putting in your mouth before that first bite, and practice as moderation as you can muster.” As it is said: “Forewarned is forearmed.”

Whether you buy it at the checkout counter of your favorite truck stop or fish it out of your kid’s Trick or Treat bag when they’re not looking, Halloween candy is a sugar bomb filled with calories and carbs.

And, no, eating “fun size” or “snack size” candy treats is not better for you; they contain plenty of carbs and calories just served up in smaller portions.

Here are some calorie/carb counts to keep in mind this week before the scent of candy corn fills your cab:

    • Hershey Kisses – 26 calories, 8 grams carb each Kiss
    • Skittles Original Fruit (fun size) – 80 calories, 18 grams carb
    • Plain M&Ms (fun size) – 88 calories, 12 grams carb
    • Milk Duds (snack size) – 54 calories, 9 g carb
    • Peanut M&Ms (fun size) – 93 calories, 11 grams carb
    • Tootsie Pops – 60 calories, 15 grams carb
    • Raisinettes (fun size) – 56 calories, 11 grams carb
    • York Peppermint Patty (small) – 53 calories, 11 grams carb
    • Twix, (snack size) – 50 calories,  7 grams carb
    • Jolly Rancher (one hard candy) – 23 calories, 6 grams carb
    • Butterfinger (fun size) – 85 calories,14 grams carb
    • Candy Corn, Brach’s (11 pieces) – 70 calories, 18 grams carb
    •  Three Muskateers (fun size) – 64 calories, 11 g carb
    • Kit Kat (fun size) – 73 calories, 9 grams carb
    • Milky Way (fun size) – 75 calories, 12 grams carb
    • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (miniature) – 44 calories, 5 grams carb each
    • Charleston Chew bar (fun size) – 45 calories, 8 grams carb

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