How to take noodles on the road but leave the salt at home

Noodles you can make on your own that are healthier and tastier.

Let’s face it, sometimes at the end of a long day behind the wheel the answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?” is often, “Whatever is easiest.”

And, for some that means a small wax-coated cup filled with dried noodles,  veggies and a flavor packet. Pre-made instant ramen noodles fulfill many of the requirements of life on the road:

1. They are quick and easy to make

2. They are filling

3. They are convenient

4. They are inexpensive

But, they are also  loaded with sodium; top brands have as much as half of the recommended daily allowance for sodium.

What’s the solution?

Make your own. The nice folks at the website Serious Eats shows you how to have you noodles both easily and healthier.