New DVD offers arthritis relief workout

Suzanne Andrews’ new video is designed to help relieve arthritis pain.

Suzanne Andrews,  fitness leader of the television series “Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews released a new arthritis relief workout DVD recently.

The workout addresses the difficulties faced by individuals with arthritis by creating a fitness routine that can be completed while sitting in a chair. It gives users the option to transition to the standing version of the workout as the individual’s joint pain increases.

Truck drivers with access to a DVD player in their cab can do the workout without having to leave their truck, making it convenient for on-the-road arthritis relief.

“I saw the need for an at-home workout that guides middle aged to older adults with arthritis to safely strengthen their muscles and bones to ease joint pain,” Andrews said.

Carol Eustice, an arthritis and joint conditions expert, reviewed the workout DVD.

“It was apparent that movements I was directed to do by a physical therapist were the same movements being showcased in Suzanne Andrews’ arthritis walking workout,” Eustice said.

The Arthritis Relief Walking Workout DVD includes a free Functional Fitness band and is priced on Amazon for $11.99. The DVD is available now.