Count calories before gobbling the gobbler on Thanksgiving

You can manage the number of calories you consume at Thanksgiving dinner

Thursday’s Thanksgiving dinner will, for some of us, be an exercise in delicious excess. For others, it will be one of restraint … difficult, demanding, disturbing restraint as they struggle to keep their weight loss and/or healthier eating plans on track.

For those trying to curb their appetites, here’s the advice you have heard many times, but bears repeating as the as the big day and the even bigger meal draws near:

  • Skip the pre-meal goodies; the chips and dips and crackers and cheese and Aunt Marge’s candied pecan clusters
  • Salad is good, too much dressing on it is bad
  • Load up on veggies, but not necessarily extra helpings of the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top
  • White meat has fewer calories than dark
  • If you can’t skip dessert, have two half pieces of different pies instead of two whole ones

And, here’s a little help: a handy little calculator that helps you total up the size of the caloric catasrophe that looms later this week.

Start counting …