5 online resources to help you build a workout

You already know how difficult it can be to stay fit while on the road. It’s hard to find time for a workout and even harder to put a complete, targeted workout together.

These five online resources can help you overcome that last obstacle, at least, by helping you build a workout customized to your skill level, equipment on hand and what you’re wanting to accomplish.

1. Men’s Health Exercise and Workout Filter

Men’s Health lets you filter through exercises and workouts based off of what part of the body you want to exercise and what equipment, if any, you have available plus what kind of workout you’re wanting to do. After you’ve filled in what you’re looking for, Men’s Health filters through the exercises and workouts in its database and shows you which ones meet your needs. 

2. Strength/Reliance‘s Bodyweight Workout Generator

This workout generator creates workouts based entirely off of bodyweight, so no equipment is required. If you don’t like the workout it creates, you simply hit the refresh button on the main page and it generates you a different one. For each generated workout routine, Strength/Reliance provides videos walking you through how to safely and efficiently complete each exercise.

3. Free Trainers‘ Customizable Workouts

Free Trainers has a selection of workouts for whatever your current environment is, including workouts with resistance bands and exercise balls that you can keep stored in your truck. Once you’ve selected the workout type you want, you customize it based off of skill level and the weekdays you want to exercise. It then uploads the workouts into a calendar to help you keep track of where you are.

4. Inner Titan‘s Build Your Custom Fitness Plan 

Inner Titan’s custom fitness plan lets you build a workout based off of your goals and provides you with analytics on how many weeks of that workout you would need to do to reach your desired weight. To start you enter your gender, choose your goal, rate your current activity level and then enter your personal fitness information. This tool also provides tips and daily calorie recommendations to help you meet the goal you set.

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5. Health’s Custom Workout Planner

Health’s custom workout planner has you choose the body part you want to work and then select five exercises for the day’s workout. While some of these exercises require basic equipment such as an exercise ball or dumbbells, many are body weight based to accommodate those who don’t have space for equipment in their truck cab.