Fitness app donates to charity for miles you walk, run

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Updated Jul 22, 2016
Charity Miles screenshot

One app wants to help motivate you to get in shape by transforming the miles you walk or run into money for charity.

Charity Miles, which is free, lets you select the charity of your choice. The app measures the distance that you run or walk while you’re exercising, then they translate those miles into money for the charity you chose. According to the app’s developers, users have helped earn over $2 million for charity.

It was named a Women’s Running Magazine’s Best Overall App and Men’s Fitness Magazine’s Game Changer of the Year.

“But we’re not just about earning money for charity,” the app’s description reads. “Because moving with a purpose changes us from within. It changes the way we see the world, and all the small decisions we make everyday. All those decisions add up to impact that is far more transformational than money.”

Charity Miles is available from the App Store and Google Play Store.