Iron Trucker Fitness app uses truck, trailer for exercises

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Updated Jun 10, 2017

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Cleo Hardy, creator of the Iron Trucker Fitness app.Cleo Hardy, creator of the Iron Trucker Fitness app.

Company driver Cleo Hardy, from Atlanta, was struggling to balance his trucking career and a healthy lifestyle. He needed a way to get fit that didn’t require scouting out a gym or buying a lot of equipment, so he turned to what he says is his most valuable resource: His tractor-trailer.

Hardy began using his truck to do different bodyweight and resistance exercises and as he started to see results, he wanted to share his approach with other drivers also looking to get in shape. He created the Iron Trucker Fitness app, a trucker-focused fitness smartphone app.

“Drivers feel they aren’t able to go the gym because of our jobs and everything we do is time sensitive,” Hardy said. “We’re constantly on the go and with the long hours, we don’t have time to get to a gym. I’ve developed an application where I’ve brought the gym to myself.” 

The app includes a database of exercises drivers can perform using their tractor-trailer, an exercise log and a food journal. For each exercise, the app tells you what area of the body it works, how to perform the exercise and offers a visual for it.

The food log takes into account a driver’s age, height and weight and lets them set a daily calorie goal. It measures the drivers’ calories burned and tracks overall weight loss progress.

Hardy wants his app to help other truckers reach their personal health goals and show them that their ideal bodyweight can be reached. 

“The main objective of Iron Trucker Fitness is to become a part of the driver’s daily routine in the same manner as a pre-trip and post-trip of the driver’s vehicle,” Hardy said. “Companies require daily preventative inspections on the equipment, however not the driver, which is the most valuable resource and we hope to change this.”

The app is available for free on Android devices and Hardy has plans to make it available for iOS devices in the future.