Enjoy the holiday at home or on the road

Updated Nov 27, 2016

fit-for-the-road-logo-headersWhether you’re home with family, at a truckstop diner off an interstate or in your bunk with a turkey TV dinner from your microwave, be sure to enjoy Thanksgiving.

We’re going skip the sermon on Thanksgiving abstinence because we think a holiday with food at its center is not the time nor place to suggest you skip everything that tastes good and head straight for the veggie platter. You won’t do it anyhow and neither will we.

tn-thanksgivingInstead, give some thought to these suggestions inspired by the Web MD website and do what makes sense for you.

  • Be active as you can be; modest exercise may not help you lose weight, but it will help you from gaining
  • Eat breakfast; it keeps you from overeating when you sit down for the big Thanksgiving meal
  • If you’re cooking, use low-calorie substitutes when you can
  • Try to resist oversized portions of anything and if you must have seconds, do so with moderation
  • Skip or cut back on alcohol, which is loaded with calories
  • Focus on friends and family, though this is a difficult suggestion if they are at home in Arkansas and you are waiting to deliver in Seattle. You may not be there in person, but arrange to chat on Skype or Facetime or one of the many live messaging apps.

And, if you do overindulge, don’t worry. Walk a few laps around your truck and trailer and vow to do better Friday.

Finally, as trite as it may sound, count your blessings. Use the comments section below to share what you’re thankful for, even it is just for Aunt June’s pecan pie.