App sends load assignments to Celadon drivers

Celadon Trucking Services (ranked 39th on Commercial Carrier Journal’s Top 250 list of fleets) has developed two new web applications it says will simplify the lives of its drivers.

The Mobile Load Assignment (MLA) allows drivers to check their load assignments while they were away from their cab and the in-cab communication system. Drivers for the Indianapolis-based company can receive and accept loads while they are parked, on break at a truck stop or even at home. Load assignments are sent directly to drivers’ mobile devices via a text or email. To ensure driver safety, the MLA application can only be accessed when the truck is not in motion.

“We value our partners on the road and mobile load assignment is one tool that allows our drivers freedom to utilize their personal time away from the truck and not miss out on load opportunities,” said Chad Hoffman, Celadon’s vice president of Refrigerated and Intermodal.

The Driver Web portal provides access to information used by drivers such as payroll settlement sheets. It allows the company’s payroll team to communicate weekly with drivers. It also allows drivers to see the revenues associated with each trip and a summary of income and expenses for the year.

“The Driver Portal has proved to be a real convenience for our drivers,” said Matt Douglass, vice president of Operations. “We have introduced it to our company driver fleet and are now in the process of rolling it out to our owner-operator drivers.”

Celadon said is considering expanding both apps to the Canadian market.

The company has almost 3,500 company drivers and owner-operators.