Trucker uses squeegee to fight off knife-weilding attacker

An Illinois truck driver used a windshield washing squeegee to fight off an attacker with a knife in a gas station parking lot in Indiana Monday (March 30) night.

The Northwest Indiana Times of Michigan City reports that LaPorte County police officers were called to a Speedway station at U.S. 35 and U.S. 20 at about 10 p.m. Monday because an altercation.

The Times’ story says an Arkansas man wanted to fill up and became angry because a tractor-trailer was blocking his path to the pumps. The man, James Shafer, 51, was honking his horn and swearing at the truck driver. The driver yelled back and Shafer then broke one of the headlights on the truck and brandished a pocket knife.

The trucker, who was not named in the Times’ story, grabbed the squeegee from the windshield washing fluid container and swung it at Shafer, striking him several times.

Shafer was arrested for criminal recklessness, battery and criminal mischief and later posted $750 bond.