C.R. England raises pay average of 11.8% for Texas regional drivers

Updated Aug 12, 2015
C.R. England’s drivers in Texas region receive pay hike

C.R. England today announced a pay increase for solo drivers in the company’s Texas regional division. Effective immediately, all Texas regional company solo drivers will receive an average pay increase of 11.8 percent.

“We are very excited to be offering this competitive pay increase to our company solo drivers in the Texas Regional Division,” said Sam Scott, President of C.R. England’s National and Regional Divisions.  “While the size of the increase will depend on a driver’s tenure with the company, the average increase will be 11.8 percent.  It’s extremely satisfying to include another group of our drivers in our recent announcements of pay increases.”

C.R. England provides flexible, short haul transportation services throughout this regional division, strategically positioned in Texas and surrounding markets. Through this group of 40 elite, highly experienced professionals, C.R. England offers through-trailer service into and out of Mexico with hubs strategically positioned throughout Texas and Arkansas.

Pay increases as well as bonuses were announced earlier for company teams in the national and Western regional divisions, company and independent contractor driver trainers, and solo company drivers in the Western Regional fleet.