Trucker serves six months in jail for falsifying application

South Carolina truck operator Arnold Williams has been sentenced to time served — 6 months — and three years of supervised release for not disclosing to his carrier his truck accident history.

Williams, however, still faces more serious charges. Though he pleaded guilty in January to charges of making false statements on an FMCSA-required form, he is also facing charges of reckless homicide and possessing an open alcohol container following a January 2013 crash that resulted in one death and three injuries.

He was terminated from his carrier in February 2013, but applied to work as a driver for a different carrier in April 2013. He was hired, but he failed to list previous accidents on his employment application, violating FMCSA regulations.

He has been in custody for six months and will remain in custody of South Carolina authorities while awaiting trial for the homicide charges.