Con-way Freight employees in Buffalo reject Teamsters

Employees at the Buffalo, N.Y. Con-way Freight facility Wednesday (April 22) voted to reject union representation by the Teamsters.

The Buffalo vote is the sixth election in past years in which Con-way employees have rejected the Teamsters.

Teamsters rejected in Buffalo

“We are gratified by the vote of our Buffalo employees and the statement of confidence it represents in our company and our union-free philosophy,” said Lehmkuhl. “We continue to believe that our path to success lies in maintaining an open, respectful and direct relationship with our employees without the interference of a third party.”

The Buffalo vote follows Teamsters defeats in elections at Con-way Freight facilities in Santa Fe Springs, San Fernando Valley and Bakersfield, CA, Manchester, NH and Harlingen, TX.  The Teamsters also withdrew petitions for votes at Con-way Freight’s facilities in Irvine, CA and Orlando, FL.