Quick-thinking trucker honored by city of LA

Tank truck driver Dorian Cole positioned his rig to protect injured LAPD motorcycle officer.

A truck driver was honored Wednesday (May 20) for his highway heroism earlier this year.

On March 24, Dorian Cole, 45, was driving his tank truck on the 5 Freeway in Sylmar, Calif. when he saw a Los Angeles Police Department motorcycle officer collide with another motorcyclist. Cole immediately stopped his truck and positioned it in the highway to shield the downed officer and the other driver, protecting them from oncoming traffic.

Cole, who drives for Pacific Tank Lines of Riverside, Calif., also called 911 and attended to the two victims.

The LA City Council honored Cole for his heroism with a presentation at city hall.

The officer involved in the crash remains in the hospital.

See the local TV report on the recognition ceremony.