Michigan carrier goes to PC Miler, improving driver pay

Updated Mar 18, 2016
Super Service, a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based truckload carrier, is switching drivers to PC Miler based practical mileage pay, allowing them to earn more money, according to a statement from the company.
This change comes on the heels of an announcement in late April to increase the company’s general division company driver pay. The company also says the practical mileage pay comes along with some additional compensation package enhancements.
Michigan’s Super Service increasing driver pay

The practical mileage pay, which goes into effect June 28, will use PC Miler practical mileage to calculate pay for company drivers.

“We believe the change to PC Miler will reduce driver frustration, improve efficiency and most importantly, keep drivers safe and legal when navigating our nation’ s highways.” said Vaughn Yow, vice president of operations.
Super Services change to PC Miler is expected to add about 2 cents per mile on all paid miles compared to the short route miles previously used.
“Here at Super Service, we want our approach to driver compensation to be progressive and constantly adapting to the needs of our drivers,” said Yow. “We respect and value the jobs our drivers do every day and believe these changes more accurately reflect pay for the work our drivers perform.”
In addition to the practical mileage pay switch, Super Service said it also plans to change other parts of its compensation package.
Drivers now receive detention pay after two hours. The quarterly performance bonus will be raised from .02 cent to .03 cents per paid mile beginning July 1. Along with these pay changes, Super Service also plans to provide drivers with turn-by-turn navigational software to improve driver satisfaction, safety and efficiency.
“This switch to practical mileage pay and some of our other pay improvements are a direct result of
feedback received from our professional drivers,” said Yow. “We listen to what they have to say and do what we can to meet their needs.”
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