Schneider driver honored for service to Georgia-Pacific

A veteran driver for Schneider has  honored as dedicated driver of the year by Georgia-Pacific.

KBX Logistics, an agent for the forest products manufacturer, helped select Greg Swift, a Schneider driver with 23 years’ experience and over 3 million accident-free miles under his belt. The award recognizes the driver’s record for safety, fuel conservation, number of Georgia-Pacific miles driven and overall service.

Greg Swift, a veteran driver for Schneider, was recently honored by Georgia-Pacific

Swift has been on Schneider’s Georgia-Pacific dedicated account for two and a half years, logging 358,920 miles during this time, and providing 100 percent on-time service.

Another area of performance management Georgia-Pacific/KBX Logistics values is fuel efficiency. Swift maintained little to no idle, and he drove under the miles planned for his route. At the time of the award evaluations, he was 756 miles under plan and used Schneider’s fuel optimizer 100 percent of the time.

“Greg is a driver who always goes above and beyond,” offered Mark Rourke, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Schneider. “He shares his ideas and observations on a regular basis because he is always trying to help Schneider and Georgia-Pacific improve our service and safety performance. Having his hard work recognized by a customer is the ultimate honor.”

“We are very pleased to recognize the excellent performance of Greg Swift,” said Ken Weber, transportation manager at KBX Logistics. “It was a very tough competition among so many great drivers, but in the end we believed Greg was the most outstanding.”

Schneider also received Georgia-Pacific’s Intermodal Carrier of the Year Award for the second consecutive year.