I-94/I-80 enforcement blitz = 920 tickets to truck drivers

Trucks driving on interstates in three Midwestern states earlier this month were targets of an enforcement blitz by state police who issued more than 900 tickets.

“Eyes on 94” was staged Dec. 7-11 and involved a crackdown on I-94 by state police in Michigan and Indiana. It included the Ohio Highway Patrol stepping up truck inspections/enforcement on I-80 and other freeways in that state.

According to a statement from the Michigan State Police (MSP), when the operation ended, “Eyes on 94” resulted in:

  • 920 tickets issued to truckers (455 in Michigan and 471 in Indiana and Ohio combined)
  • 2,073 warnings give (455 in Michigan and a combined 1,618 in Indiana and Ohio)
  • 542 inspections performed in Michigan alone

What prompted those tickets? The MSP said the most common citation was for speeding. Then

  • improper lane use
  • improper passing
  • following too closely
  • using a handheld device
  • texting

In addition to the enforcement efforts by commercial vehicle officers, MSP said it also distributed over 200 DVDs to motorists at rest areas along the I-94 corridor demonstrating safety precautions drivers should take when driving near commercial vehicles.  The DVDs were provided through a partnership with the Michigan Center for Truck Safety.