Heading East? ‘Epic’ winter storm takes aim at Mid-Atlantic

National Weather Service map of what Winter Storm Jonas could deliver later this week.

If your driving takes you into the East later this week — and especially Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia and on up to New England — you need to be ready for what forecasters say could be massive amounts of snow.

Blame it on Winter Storm Jonas, which, depending on how it develops, could dump as much as two feet of snow on the Mid-Atlantic Coast Friday and Saturday. And, it’s not sparing other states either as there is rain and freezing rain in the forecast as well as the possibility of some serious coastal flooding.

In all, Jonas could deliver a possible huge mess if develops as predicted.

Under a headline that warns, “Mid-Atlantic Braces for Potentially Epic Blizzard,” Weather Underground says, “… there is every indication that snow totals on the order of two feet are quite possible across parts of the greater D.C./Baltimore area, with the potential for almost as much in Philadelphia and perhaps a foot toward New York City.”

Moving West to East, Jones is forecast to deliver snow and ice across Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee Thursday before delivering a possible transportation nightmare Friday through Saturday as it moves toward the Atlantic.

Keep in mind, these are predictions, but forecasters are saying their various models of what Jonas could deliver are unusually consistent.

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