Share the Road drivers offer 5 tips on distracted driving

“The highway is my workplace and I know we all want to be safe while on the roads, but by far the biggest issue jeopardizing our safety is distracted driving,” said truck driver Eric Flick, who drives for FedEx Freight and is part of the Share The Road program of the American Trucking Associations. “The good news is, correcting distracted driving is easy, you just have to put the phone down and focus on the task at hand.”

Share the Road drivers are offering this advice to motorists:

ATA Share The Road drivers

1. Out of sight, out of mind: Keeping cell phones silenced and out of sight can help drivers fight the temptation to check their phones.

2. Never text and drive: Sending a one-word text takes at least five seconds, according to Share the Road, and a lot can go wrong in five seconds.  

3. Be prepared to drive before getting behind the wheel: Drivers should give driving their complete, undivided attention. This means getting plenty of rest and not trying to multitask while driving.

4. Properly secure every item in your vehicle: Drivers should keep items out of their lap and away from the driver’s side floor. Items should be secured so they don’t fall and spill or distract the driver.

5. Set a good example for young drivers and speak up when uncomfortable: Motorists should speak to young drivers about the risks of distracted driving and emphasize that paying attention and sharing the road is an important responsibility. When riding with a driver who is distracted, speak up or offer to remove the distraction.