Take our poll: Proposed parking plan make sense to you?

Updated May 17, 2016

On Monday, May 16, Truckers News carried a story about a petition drive aimed and having the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration forcing states to create truck parking.

The folks who created the petition went so far as to suggesting how it might operate and, at least in part, be funded.

But does the plan outlined in the petition make any sense?

In their petition on change.org they said: 

Aside from land procurement, several factors are at play for which we, the undersigned petitioners, would gladly contribute via nominal coin- or token-operated toll gates to enter the aforementioned lot.

  • “No-frills parking lots for large trucks: either dirt, gravel, or pavement
  • “Reasonable freeway-type light poles
  • “Dumpster near exit of parking lot
  • “Winter conditions in some states may require snow management
  • “Law enforcement should not be allowed to ‘troll’ these lots, instead restricted to Weigh Stations

“We, the undersigned petitioners, are willing to contribute on a per-entry basis via coin- or token-operated machines on the following schedule: $1 for dirt lot; $2 for gravel lot; $3 for paved lot.

“Each state should contribute rural land and easements, and facilitate management of the lots.”

Do you think this would work? Take our poll and add your comments below.