Expect more thefts of cargo Memorial Day weekend

As with so many other long holiday weekends, the upcoming one celebrating Memorial Day is expected to see an increase in the number of cargo thefts.

FreightWatch International and CargoNet are warning truck drivers and carriers to be alert to possible thefts, and suggest things they can do to minimize the risk of becoming a victim.

Image by CargoNet

FWI says it has seen elevated theft levels up to 40 percent higher than non-holiday weekends on past Memorial Day weekends. It says last year saw a record-high 15 cargo theft incidents averaging more than $600,000 in value.

CargoNet says 98 cargo thefts have occurred during the same weekend during the last four years.

FWI recommends drivers and carriers confirm receiver’s hours of operation for the holiday weekend. The company also says it has seen a recent spike in cargo theft activity of electronics and cosmetics in the last five weeks with some losses exceeding $3 million.