Stay Metrics helps drivers brush up their tire safety skills

Next week’s truck inspection blitz will focus on tires, and two companies have partnered to help drivers and others improve their knowledge on the topic.

Tires will be a special focus of next week’s International Roadcheck 2016.

Stay Metrics, which specializes in driver engagement and retention, in partnership with Luma, which provides specialized driver learning, is providing a free online tire safety training module in advance of International Roadcheck 2016.

The complimentary training and assessment will be available the entire month of June at All drivers can take the module, which is optimized for delivery on any tablet or desktop or mobile device. No login or registration is required.

The International Roadcheck 2016 event will take place June 7-9. During this time, federal and state CVSA-certified officers will triple the number of truck inspections that they would normally conduct in a 72-hour period.

For Roadcheck 2016, special emphasis will be given to a single violation category: tire safety. The complimentary module offers a short, interactive learning experience and assessment tool focused on the four areas of tire safety that inspection officers will be targeting.

By completing the module, the companies say drivers, fleet managers and others will gain useful tips and guidance to prepare for the annual inspection blitz conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.