Iowans have favorable impression of trucking, says new survey

A new survey commissioned by the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation shows the majority of people living in Iowa have a favorable impression of that state’s trucking industry.

More than 80 percent of Iowans view the industry in a positive light when learning the significant impact these companies have on job creation, according to the Iowa Motor Truck Association. That organization intends to use the findings as part of an image campaign.

Further, the survey found 66 percent of Iowans believe the trucking industry pays well, and nearly 75 percent support the industry’s contribution in getting fresh produce and online orders into Iowa communities.

“We are encouraged by these findings because it shows that when Iowans understand how vital our industry is for Iowa and the economy, they are receptive to our industry’s efforts,” said Brenda Neville, IMTA’s president. “We have a great story to tell.”

“Our industry’s top priority is to deliver the products that every Iowan depends upon in a safe and efficient manner. The men and women that are involved in Iowa’s trucking industry truly embrace the tremendous responsibility that is required to move this state and nation on a daily basis,” said Neville.

The survey, which includes RABA’s was conducted June 8-10 by RABA. There were 652 respondents; Democrats and Republicans each comprised 33 percent of respondents, independents 34 percent.

The survey results were unveiled at the recent Iowa Truck Driving Championships.