New Love’s opens with Taco John’s in Kansas

A Love’s Travel Stop featuring the company’s first Taco John’s restaurant opened for business Thursday, June 30 along U.S. Highway 54 and U.S Highway 83 in Liberal, Kansas.

New Love’s in Liberal, Kansas

Taco John’s is one of the largest Mexican quick-service restaurant chains in America.

The 24-hour, 5,000 square-foot travel stop features 36 truck-parking spaces and two showers.

“Opening a travel stop with our first Taco John’s is exciting for us as we continue to find new ways to serve our loyal Customers,” said Tom Love, founder and executive chairman of Love’s Travel Stops. “Providing a new dining option with other driver services along two well-traveled highways shows our commitment to our Customers.”

Love’s now has more than 380 locations in 40 states.

Taco John’s operates and franchises more than 380 restaurants in 24 states.