Landstar names newest million mile safe drivers

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Updated Jul 22, 2016
Landstar’s new class of Million Mile Drivers. (Image Courtesy of Landstar)

Landstar celebrated its newest class of million mile drivers and Roadsters at its fifth annual Landstar BCO All-Star celebration July 1-3. Landstar honored 122 Business Capacity Owners (BCOs), the company’s term for its owner-operators, as new Million Mile Safe Drivers.

Those drivers have gone one million miles without a preventable accident. Eight additional BCOs were recognized as Two Million Mile Safe Drivers, and one BCO was honored as a Three Million Mile Safe Driver. All of the honorees together have driven more than 122 million miles.

“Landstar is proud to showcase the class of Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers as the industry’s best,” said Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni. “Their talent, hard work and dedication is truly worthy of a celebration. These men and women make the roads safer for us all; we are proud to honor them.” 

Landstar honored 10 new Roadsters, a title given to the company’s safest drivers who also provide excellence in customer service, at the event.

Fred Durbin was awarded the company’s BCO Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s driven over three million safe miles for Landstar since signing on with the company in 1978. During his time as a BCO, he’s won 37 annual safe driving awards.

The class of 2015 Landstar Roadsters inducted this year: Bill Ater, German Burgueno, David Carothers, Bob Hinchey, Tonia Kennedy, Steve Otto, Steve Van Dyke, Gary Wager, Pat Webb, Sly Young

The Class of 2015 Landstar million mile safe drivers inducted this year:

3 million mile safe driver: Jim Block

2 million mile safe drivers: Bill Boyer, Antonio Garza, Jeffrey Pack, Stephen Pagel, Bob Plymale, Ronald Rogers, Don Ward 

1 million mile safe drivers: Bill Ater, Randy Atkins, Bob Bade, Charles Bailey, Ilan Bankston, Jose Banuelos, Trent Bartlett, Esther Bell, Jerry Bergt, Perry Borntreger, Gregg Boss, Florencio Cardenas, William Carsey, Terry Carter, Ismael Cendejas, Aaron Chapman, Lonnie Clark, Jr., Mike Clark, Derrick Clarke, Dennis Cockerham Jim Cotner, Dwight Covey, Alvin Crawford, James Culbertson, Washington Curbelo, Bill Davenport, Paul Davis, Kenneth Delzeit, Mike DeMille, Danny Downey, Arthur Dubroski, Gail Ellick, Harry Farren, Ed Fritz, Jeffrey Fulmer, Bill Gammon, Kody Giacomo, John Goodman, Paul Gordon, Marshall Grady, Terry Gregory, Wiktor Grygoruk, Ron Haddan, Rick Haywood, Jim Heiser, Tom Herlston, Miguel Hernandez, Roger Hobbs Sr., Hugh Hood, Don Houchin, E. Victor Hounsell, Debbie Hudler, Carl Johnson, John Johnson, Brady Jones, Albert Keller, Weldon Kollock, Steve Kron, Phuong Lam, Henry Littleton, Jay Maclees, Sam Maldonado, James Marra, Roger Martin, Ed Masters, James Matthews, Larry McCostlin, Jeffery McDaniel, Wayne McGahey, Rich McIntosh, Tom McPherson, Henry Medina, Greg Michels, Mike Miles, Ricky Mills, Anthony Mitchell, Carlos Moreno, Lacy Murry, Jr., Dennis Musser, John Myers, Lori Nelson, Nanette Newton, Tuan Nguyen, Frank Ortega, Steve Otto, Vlad Ougriniouk, Ramiro Padilla, Robert Page, Vicky Percious, Don Pierson, Bill Pruim, Hubert Quarles, Donnie Raby, Malik Rahim, Scott Robinson, Cesar Rodriguez, Hersey Ross, Ted Russell, Louie Russo, Michael Rybicki, John Samples, Julio Sandoval, Jr., Mario Santizo, Dan Schumacher, David Shuler, Troy Sloan, Vickie Speer, Stanford Stowers, Rex Strickler, Bob Swearingen, Ron Taylor, Mike Truitt, Ed Tudor, John Waddles, Denny Walerius, Robin Walker, Rick Weiss, Rebecca Wilder, Jan Williams, Kenny Williams, Paul Williams, Vic Williams