See what tops list of 10 leading issues concerning trucking

top-10-signFor the first time in four years, hours of service do not top the list of trucking industry concerns, according to the annual survey by the American Transportation Research Institute.  

Replacing it was the pending arrival of electronic logging devices mandated by the federal government. All trucks will be required to have ELDs by late next year if challenges to the rule are unsuccessful.

However, hours of service dropped just one spot to be the second leading concern in this, the 12th annual survey.

The complete list of what worries for the trucking industry for 2016 included:

  1. ELD Mandate
  2. Hours of service
  3. Cumulative impacts of regulations
  4. Truck parking
  5. Economy
  6. Compliance, Safety, Accountability
  7. Driver shortage
  8. Driver retention
  9. Infrastructure/congestion/funds
  10. Driver distraction

The results of the survey, which generated more than 3,200 responses from motor carriers and commercial drivers, were released today, Oct. 3, at the 2016 Management Conference and Exhibition of the American Trucking Associations meeting in Las Vegas.

In addition, three other issues generated concern, but did not make the top 10. They included:

  1. Sleep apnea rulemaking
  2. Driver health and wellness
  3. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s mission

In presenting the survey results, ATRI also showed the top 10 concerns of divers compared to those of trucking companies.

That ranking included:

Rank Drivers Carriers
1  Electronic Logging Devices Driver Shortage
2  Hours of Service Electronic Logging Devices
3  Truck Parking Economic impact of regulations
4  Economic impact of regulations  Economy
5  Economy Driver Retention
6  Compliance, Safety, Accountability  Driver Retention
7  Driver Retention  Compliance, Safety, Accountability
8  Sleep Apnea Rulemaking  Infrastructure/congestion/funding
9  FMCSA Mission Federal Preemption of State Regulations
10  Driver Health & Wellness Driver Distraction