Love’s in Ormond Beach adjusts for Biketoberfest

Updated Oct 14, 2016

The Love’s in Ormond Beach, Florida will make some adjustments when thousands of motorcyclists converge on the Daytona Beach/Ormond Beach area Thursday, Oct. 13 through Sunday, Oct. 16 for Biketoberfest.

biketoberfestDaytona Harley Davidson, which is located next door to Love’s, is a major participant in the annual motorcycle event and rally. This causes unusually high traffic volume in and around the area, and Love’s can only allow trucks to fuel and go.

Long-term parking won’t be available at this location throughout Biketoberfest.

In past years, the increased traffic volumes for truckers waiting to fuel, combined with the significant influx of cars, trucks and motorcycles, has caused severe traffic jams, forcing state police to close the exit.  For more information, please see the FAQ’s on Love’s website.