Cargo theft up; see what was stolen and where

The number of cargo thefts was up during the third quarter of this year, but the total value of them was down.

FreightWatch International earlier this week said there were 193 cargo thefts during July, August and September, with an average value loss of $120,536.

Compared to the year’s second quarter, thefts rose 14 percent, while value dropped 26 percent. Compared to 2015’s third quarter, thefts were up 7 percent and value loss up 38 percent.

FreightWatch said there were 77 cargo thefts in July, 66 in August and 50 in September.

Electronics and home and garden were the most-stolen items in the quarter, each representing 18 percent of thefts, according to FreightWatch. Food and drink represented 17 percent of stolen items.

In electronics, televisions and displays accounted for 31 percent of the thefts. For stolen home and garden loads, appliances were the most targeted. Meats and produce each accounted for 18 percent of the food and drink loads stolen.

California ranked as the top state for thefts, accounting for 38 percent of total thefts in the quarter. Texas followed with 16 percent.

Of the 193 thefts in the quarter, 75 percent of them occurred in unsecured parking locations, FreightWatch said. Secured parking locations accounted for 13 percent of thefts, and warehouse and distribution centers represented 11 percent of the thefts.

Additionally, FWI says theft of full truckload was most prevalent with 78 percent of third quarter thefts.