Trucking leads in number of workplace deaths

driver-deathsHeavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers accounted for the most workplace fatalities of all occupations in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.

In total, 745 truck drivers died from fatal work injuries during the year, the DOL says. Additionally, there were 1,264 total work-related deaths on roadways in 2015, including workers struck by vehicles. Nearly half of these (629) involved a semi, tractor-trailer or tanker truck, the report states.

The occupation category with the next most workplace deaths was construction workers with 694 fatalities.

The transportation industry as a whole – which includes air transportation workers, motor vehicle operators and material moving workers – accounted for 1,301 workplace deaths. The U.S. total of 4,836 workplace fatalities in 2015 was the highest since 2008’s 5,214 workplace fatalities.