Parking is as close as your smartphone

Finding a parking space can be difficult, but these five apps can help.Finding a parking space can be difficult, but these five apps can help.

Finding a safe, suitable parking place at the end of the day can often be one of the toughest things you do.

Fortunately, technology can lend a hand. Here are several smartphone apps to help you find parking when you need it most. All are free and available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Park My Truck

This initiative of the National Association of Truck Stop Operators and others allows you to view nearby parking locations at ranges from 50 to 250 miles away. It shows your current distance from the parking locations, the total number of spaces at the location and the number of open parking spaces.

Trucker Path

Trucker Path’s parking data is based on the information provided by drivers. When you select a location, it will show you the most recent parking updates, which can be either “lots of spots,” “some spots” or “lot is full.”

Road Breakers

If you input your destination, you can see the parking locations around that area. The app can tell you the amenities of each location and the parking lot’s general size.


Truckbubba routes your trip and shows parking locations along the way. The map feature can show current traffic conditions along a selected route, as well as parking, fuel and weigh station locations. It allows you to input your destination for the day to see what you can expect when you arrive.

The major truck stop chains also have apps that can direct you to their nearest location, and those that allow parking reservations will let you to save a space.