Trump requires two rules be cut for each new one

President Trump during his weekly address Saturday, Jan. 28President Trump during his weekly address Saturday, Jan. 28

President Trump continues issuing executive orders including one Monday, Jan. 30 that requires federal agencies two eliminate two previous regulations for each new one enacted.

In an article for Commercial Carrier Journal, James Jaillet writes:

“Specifically, federal agencies — like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration — will need to “identify at least two existing regulations to be repealed” whenever they propose a new regulation in the Federal Register. The order also says any new regulations finalized in 2017 should come with no costs — “no greater than zero,” the order notes. The White House will set a new regulatory costs limit each year, for which new regulations should not exceed, per the Jan. 30-issued order.

“Trump said the move was intended to ease the regulatory burden on small businesses. He was surrounded by nine small business owners when he signed the order.”

The president previously signed a directive barring agencies from issuing any new regulations and put a 60-day hold on regulations published but not enacted.

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