Bill seeks to kill Rhode Island tolls on trucks

Updated Apr 18, 2017

Trucking organizations are praising efforts by one Rhode Island lawmaker to repeal that state’s trucks only tolling law aimed at raising money to pay for infrastructure projects.

The Rhode Island Trucking Association and the American Trucking Associations praised State Representative Patricia Morgan’s (R- District 26, Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick) bill to repeal the RhodeWorks toll law. Minority Leader Morgan introduced the legislation earlier this week.

“Make no mistake about it: RhodeWorks won’t work for Rhode Island,”said Rhode Island Trucking Association President and CEO Christopher Maxwell. “It will increase the cost of doing business in our state, divert commerce away from it, and actually widen our budget shortfalls.”

ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said, “We thank Minority Leader Morgan for her leadership in introducing this important piece of legislation. As our industry knows well, interstate tolls are not the solution when it comes to funding infrastructure improvements – something we care deeply about.

“Moreover, the trucking industry will not sit idle while states attempt to turn our trucks into rolling ATMs. The onus is now on the Rhode Island legislature to correct this ill-conceived plan. ATA will take whatever steps are necessary to prevent these proposed tolls on overpasses, including litigation.”

In an interview with WPRO talk radio, Morgan said, “The Rhode Works bill is irresponsible and should never have passed last year.  It is a $45 million albatross around the necks of Rhode Island consumers.  It will add to our already high cost of living, making it more difficult for average Rhode Islanders to keep their head above water.”