Small plane hits truck’s trailer as it drives in Ohio

Updated May 12, 2017
Russ Street’s truck having been struck by an airplane (Facebook photo by rilee)Russ Street’s truck having been struck by an airplane (Facebook photo by rilee)

A truck driver who was driving along the Ohio 53 in Fremont, Ohio at about 4 p.m. Tuesday, May 9, told police he heard and felt a thump, and pulled over to see what had happened

Russ Street, who drives for South Shore Transportation of Sandusky, said he thought he may have “blown a couple tires,” but he was not ready for what he saw: The landing gear of a light plane sticking out of the roof of his empty trailer.

Ohio State Police report that Street’s trailer was struck by a small aircraft that was making a landing approach at Fremont Airport southeast of Toledo and south of Lake Erie.

Police say the pilot, 71-year-old John Randall, was on a short practice flight when he came in too low. Randall managed to land the plane on its belly.

“It rocked the trailer. I thought the semi was going over,” Street told the Sandusky Register. “I thought I might have blown a couple tires.”

No injuries were reported.

Fox 8 TV from Cleveland says Federal Aviation Administration investigators were expected to arrive today.