Trucker busted for 715 lbs. of pot found in his trailer


Tinker Air Force Base on a mapA tractor/trailer driver was arrested June 15 as he tried to enter Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City with 715 lbs. of marijuana and several thousand bottles of marijuana oil in his trailer with other cargo.

The driver, Ashot Grigoryan, 59, was charged with drug trafficking, according to the  Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

According to multiple media reports, a narcotics agent on military duty at the base inspected the tractor-trailer, and found duffel bags filled with marijuana and 35 boxes of marijuana oil hidden among $25,000 worth of frozen chicken.

Authorities believe the marijuana was being moved from Pasadena, California to New Jersey.

The suspect is on probation in Missouri for a previous trafficking case. He could also face federal charges in addition to the ones leveled by the state.