Love’s opens 4 new locations on the same day

New Love’s on Belleville, OhioNew Love’s on Belleville, Ohio

Love’s Travel Stops opened four new locations across the U.S. Thursday, adding a total of 350 new truck parking spaces.

The new locations include:

  • Hope Hull, Alabama. Located at Interstate 65 Exit 158, it has 85 truck parking spaces, Chester’s Chicken, Godfather’s Pizza and Subway restaurants, a game room, laundry, eight showers and a Love’s Truck Tire Care facility.
  • Brush, Colorado.  Located at Interstate 76  Exit 89, it has 100 truck parking spaces, a Carl’s Jr. restaurant and five showers.
  • Bushnell, Florida. Located at Interstate 75 Exit 314, it has 99 truck parking spaces, an Arby’s restaurant, a game room, laundry, seven showers and a Love’s Truck Tire Care center.
  • Bellville, Ohio. Located at Interstate 71 Exit 165, it has 73 truck parking spaces, Subway and Taco John’s restaurants, laundry, seven showers and a Love’s Truck Tire Care center.

“The new locations give professional drivers access to important services along some of the nation’s busiest highways,” said Greg Love, co-CEO of Love’s. “Hope Hull adds services to the Montgomery, Alabama, metropolitan area, and the locations in Brush, Bushnell and Bellville are along major freight corridors in Colorado, Florida and Ohio. We look forward to serving drivers at these new locations.”