‘Accidental’ explosion at UPS facility blamed on acetylene


Police and fire officials in Lexington, Kentucky say Wednesday morning’s explosion at a UPS Freight maintenance facility was caused by the accidental explosion of a tank of acetylene on the trailer of a truck.

Two people were injured in the blast and six others are said to have been taken to a hospital for observation.

The facility is located on Athens Boonesboro Road at Blue Sky Parkway.

“Nothing leads us to believe this is anything other than an accidental explosion,” said the Lexington Fire Department in a Facebook post Wednesday. It also said it’s working with Lexington Police and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on the investigation.

The department said there was significant structural damage to walls and the roof of the building, but little fire damage.

A fire department spokesperson told CNN the building is used for truck and trailer maintenance.