Expect swarm of troopers on I-40 for Thanksgiving


If you travel Interstate 40 during much of the upcoming long Thanksgiving weekend, don’t be surprised if you see more cops than usual.

Troopers from California to North Carolina will be out in force as part of a special enforcement effort. In fact, there will be a trooper every 20 miles coast to coast from Wednesday through Sunday.

Troopers in Californa, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina are participating in the annual Thanksgiving I-40 Challenge, which aims to ensure there are no traffic fatalities along the 2,559 miles of the interstate during Thanksgiving.

I-40 is expected to carry its fair share of the 48.5 million Americans expected to hit the highway between Wednesday and Sunday.

“Our mission is simple; reduce needless collisions in hopes of reporting zero fatalities statewide,” said Col. Glenn McNeill Jr., commander of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, in a statement.

And, if increased traffic weren’t enough to deal with, you also need to be on the alert for increased cargo theft activity during the holiday.