Yes, more bad weather news …

Updated Jan 23, 2019

Ice accumulation forecast for the Northeast United StatesThe latest storm of the winter is expected to deliver a mixed bag of misery to areas that are still hungover from the one that delivered loads of snow and halted or slowed truck traffic for a couple days recently.

This storm has already started causing problems: there have been road closures in Colorado and Wyoming because of blizzard conditions and travel delays are already mounting in the Midwest while the South gets even more rain.

Rain, freezing rain and mild temperatures are forecast for the Northeast, but sub-zero temperatures are possible again by week’s end. For Friday’s temperatures, Weather Underground predicts:

  • – 30 for Fargo, North Dakota
  • – 24 for Chicago
  • – 11 for Indianapolis
  • – 9 for Omaha
  • -4 for Kansas City
  • 0 for St. Louis