It’s spring but major winter storm is in the works


Don’t put your chains away just yet.

The National Weather Service and other forecasters say another major storm is expected to deliver severe weather second only to the so-called “bomb cyclone” that ravaged much of the Northern Plains and Midwest a month ago. In the forecast are high winds, blizzard conditions, heavy snows and severe thunderstorms depending on your location.

In all, AccuWeather says some 200 million Americans could feel the wrath of the storm that is supposed to move in from the West and deliver cold temperatures, high winds, and heavy snow — including 12 to 18 inches in parts of South Dakota — across the Plains states tonight and Wednesday. It’s expected to move across the Midwest Wednesday and on through Thursday night. Parts of the northerly reaches of the Northeast could see record spring snows late in the week and on the weekend.

Meanwhile, thunderstorms are forecast for Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana and part of Ohio.

AccuWeather suggests travel could get difficult in some places as a result of the storm. It says:

“Motorists with plans to travel along stretches of interstates 25, 29, 35, 80, 90 and 94 should be mindful of the fact that snowy, slippery and difficult travel can impact a portion of their journey.

“The area along I-90 in South Dakota, eastward to Minnesota and westward to part of Wyoming can be especially hard-hit with high winds, blinding snow and road closures.”