Trucker helps extinguish burning vehicle’s flames

John Gubaci (Image Courtesy of Truckload Carriers Association)John Gubaci (Image Courtesy of Truckload Carriers Association)

ABF Freight driver John Gubaci didn’t hesitate to help out when he came upon a burning vehicle one night on his way home. The Truckload Carriers Association is recognizing him as a Highway Angel for his actions.

Gubaci was driving home through Dalton, Georgia in May 2018 when he saw blue smoke ahead, indicating a car fire. Gubaci found a burning vehicle and a woman on the shoulder. Gubaci parked his truck and grabbed his fire extinguisher.

“It was flaming pretty good by the time I arrived,” Gubaci said. “As I worked on the fire, the woman called 911.”

After the flames were extinguished, Gubaci waited with the woman for 10-15 minutes to make sure they didn’t start up again. She thanked him for his help.

TCA awarded Gubaci a Highway Angel certificate, patch, lapel pin, and truck decals.