Digitized paperwork change benefits drivers

Updated Mar 6, 2020

Roadrunner Freight has digitized its paper bill of lading process enabling customers to electronically submit shipping documents and improve the quality of data throughout the pickup request process. The change also benefits drivers by eliminating some paperwork.

According to Frank Hurst, president of Roadrunner Freight, “The Roadrunner Freight automated bill of lading benefits both company drivers and independent contractors by reducing their time completing paperwork. All shipment information is electronically transferred, thus allowing drivers to maximize their time on the road and spend less time handling paper documents.”

A business unit of Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc.  Roadrunner Freight’s new technology enables LTL shippers to automate shipping processes and goes even further by enabling digital rate requests, Bill of Lading creation, document sharing, shipping label creation and pickup requests through a single API call, according to the company.

“This enhancement does more than just automate a paper bill of lading,” said Hurst. â€śThe LTL industry is dominated by paper and manual processes, and this new capability will transform the way that shippers and carriers communicate.”