NH troopers’ inspections sideline 22 trucks, 7 drivers

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During a recent one-day inspection effort, New Hampshire State Police placed 22 trucks and seven drivers out of service for a variety of safety violations. Troopers also issued 20 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance decals to trucks that passed Level I inspections successfully.

Fuel tank on one inspected truck was leaking (NHSP photo)Fuel tank on one inspected truck was leaking (NHSP photo)

According to a statement from the NHSP, Troopers inspected 111 commercial vehicles on Nov. 5 and identified 232 violations, some of which led to trucks or drivers being placed out of service.

The NHSP said 22 vehicles were placed out of service for:
  • defective braking systems
  • defective tires
  • exceeding the weight allowed on a tire by the tire manufacturer’s standards
  • failing to properly secure vehicle loads
  • defective suspension systems
  • leaking fuel systems
The seven drivers placed out of service had violations for:
  • driving a CDL class vehicle without a CDL license
  • driving on a suspended CDL license or not having the proper class of CDL license
  • driving a commercial motor vehicle without wearing required corrective lenses
  • not possessing a valid medical certificate as required
  • and driving a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce while under the age of 21