Averitt Express recognizes longtime employees during anniversary

Over 20 Board

Averitt Express, a Cookeville, Tennessee-based carrier is observing its 50th anniversary this year, and part of the celebration is recognizing milestones achieved by members of its “Over 20 Team.” 

Averitt’s Over 20 Team is a special group of employees, including drivers, who have been part of Averitt for at least 20 years. The company expects there will be 1,390 employees who have been employed for 20 or more years. That represents about 17% of all employees at Averitt, and they have a combined 36,875 years of service.

Over 20 Team's 727 drivers have a total of 15,808 years of safe driving.

“Our Over 20 Team brings an incredible wealth of experience to the table,” said Gary Sasser, Averitt’s chairman and chief executive officer. “These associates’ commitment to excellence and dedication to the Averitt team are among the reasons we’re able to celebrate our 50-year anniversary. As our Over 20 Team continues to grow, I’m even more excited about what we can accomplish together in the future.”

There are nearly 90 new inductees to the Over 20 Team this year. More than 500 team members have 21-24 years of service, with the next largest group of 308 having between 26 and 29 years. The average age of an Over 20 Team member is 57, while the youngest on the team is 40. The company has 10 associates with more than 40 years of service.