Day & Ross driver wins championship in Pennsylvania driving competition

Updated Jun 28, 2022
Two men with trophy

A driver for Day & Ross was named the grand champion of the Pennsylvania driving competition last weekend.

Troy Wolf also won the flatbed category of the competition.

The top finishers in each category were:

Straight Truck: 1. Leonard Monette, UPS 2. Michael Thorne, Pitt Ohio 3. Brandon Mahan, Old Dominion Freight Line

Twins: 1. John Brownawell, Yellow Freight Systems 2. Eric Waybright, Walmart Transportation 3. Robert Walker, FedEx Freight

Three Axle: 1. Scott Mullen, XPO Logistics 2. Kraig Keller, Estes Express Lines, Inc 3. James Evans, FedEx Freight

Four Axle: 1. Bartholomew Masciulli, FedEx Express 2. Doug Arnold, Pitt Ohio 3. John Burns, R. H. Crawford, Inc

Five Axle: 1. Tom Bewley, A Duie Pyle 2. Falesha Delgado, FedEx Ground 3. Matt Fletcher, Martin Brower

Sleeper: 1. James Campbell, T Force Freight 2. Terry Wood, Walmart Transportation 3. Bryan Krol, Martin Brower

Tanker: 1. Joe Allen Boyd, Walmart Transportation 2. Douglas Lang, Yellow Freight Systems 3. Paul Waite, A Duie Pyle

Flatbed: 1. Troy Wolf, Day & Ross 2. Gene Bartlett, Walmart Transportation 3. Daryl Miller, The Cope Company Salt

Step Van: 1. T.J. Altland, UPS 2. Chuck Digiovanni, FedEx Ground 3. Jose Justiniano, FedEx Ground

Rookie of the Year: Felecia Delgado, FedEx Ground

Highest Written Exam Score: Terry Wood, Walmart, and Matt Fletcher, Martin Brower

Highest Pre-Trip Score: John Brownawell, Yellow Freight Systems

Small Team Champion: Martin Brower

Large Team Champion: Walmart Transportation

The nine class winners will represent Pennsylvania at the National Truck Driving Championships Aug. 16-19, 2022 in Indianapolis.