Company driver wins Ford Raptor in CAT Scale's Weigh To Win contest

Updated Jul 22, 2022
Winner with Ford Raptor pickup truck
Iowa 80

A company driver for a Rockford, Illinois carrier won the grand prize in the CAT Scale's Weigh To Win Sweepstakes.

CAT Scale pickup truck contest winnerTobias Owens won this Ford Raptor pickup in thew CAT Scale Weigh To Win SweepstakesIowa 80Tobias Owens was presented with a Ford Raptor 4 x 4 pickup at the recent Walcott Truckers Jamboree held at the Iowa 80 truck stop.

“When I first got the email, I was a bit skeptical," said Owens, who drives for Kidd Transport. "I thought there is no way I’d won. Then I read the email and talked to the people at CAT Scale, then I knew it was real.”

In addition to winning the pickup, Owens was also awarded a trip to the Jamboree His wife Shelby accompanied him.

Owens had been hauling flatbed, but just about the time Weigh to Win Sweepstakes started in February, he began hauling dry van and weighed on CAT Scales frequently. “I entered every ticket number," he said. 

Each time a driver weighed on a CAT Scale they had a chance to win prizes instantly by playing the Weigh to Win Sweepstakes online. In addition to the Ford Raptor, CAT Scale gave away over 5,000 instant win prizes valued at over $106,000.